Academic Calendar

The academic year at New College consists of two 14-week semesters and a 4-week January Interterm devoted to independent study. Each semester is divided into two 7-week modules, with a 1-week recess between them and a 3-day examination and evaluation period at the end of the term. Faculty offer both semester-long and 7-week-long mod courses, with professors choosing the format best suited to the subject matter. The current academic calendar can be found on the Registrar’s Academic Calendars & Catalogs webpage.


The College does not schedule classes on official state holidays that fall during the fall or spring semesters or during ISP period. These holidays include Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and the day after Thanksgiving.

The College recognizes that in exceptional circumstances it may be appropriate for a faculty member to hold classes on an official holiday in order to fulfill the educational purpose of the course. However, examinations or other testing should not be given in a class scheduled on a holiday.

Baccalaureate Examination/Reading Days

Five designated days during the spring semester are reserved for faculty and students to engage in baccalaureate exams and reading. On these days classes will not be held. These days are not to be considered holidays but rather opportunities to attend baccalaureate exams, which are public events, and to complete class projects and prepare for final exams.