Academic Support Services

Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity

The Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity (CEO) facilitates students’ exploration of their interests, strategic connection of their skills and knowledge, and purposeful contribution to their communities. Comprised of an Executive Director of Career Education, an Associate Director of Employer Relations and Work-Based Learning, an Assistant Director for Scholarships, Fellowships, and Pre-Health Advising, and several Assistant Director Career Coaches, the CEO offers a comprehensive program of career exploration and experiential education, including community service, fellowships, internships, volunteer work, and job and graduate school search. The CEO actively cultivates partnerships with local, regional, national, and international employers and graduate schools to support student success.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a place for study and collaboration on academic projects. Located on the first floor of the Jane Bancroft Cook Library, the ARC houses Educational Technology Services, the Language Resource Center, Quantitative Resource Center, Writing Resource Center, and an open-use computer lab. Additionally, students participate in TA sessions, foreign language conversation groups, and workshops in the ARC conference room and group study areas. Visit the ARC for detailed information and links to the following services.

Educational Technology Services

Educational Technology Services (ETS) provides faculty and student technology support for academic projects as well as an open-use computer lab and a media lab with video editing and scanning workstations. Electronic equipment (digital cameras, camcorders, projectors, and voice recorders) is available for checkout for course-related projects. Large-format printing is available onsite for academically-related content. Training and assistance can be provided for technology-related course projects, faculty website development, use of Canvas (New College’s online course management systems), and other educational needs.

The Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center (LRC) is a social space where students are invited to work individually or in groups, relax, or interact with each other. The LRC provides resources to support students and enhance their foreign language experience in the 8 languages formally taught at New College (Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Russian, and Spanish) as well as self-instructional materials for an additional 8 languages (Arabic, Dutch, Haitian Creole, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Tibetan, and Turkish). The LRC holds a collection of reference materials such as dictionaries; grammar, vocabulary, and conversation books; audio-visual resources; software for course-specific assignments and additional review; and table games. Several multimedia computer workstations and two private booths are setup for language practice, voice recording, and film viewing.

The Quantitative Resource Center

The Quantitative Resource Center (QRC) is dedicated to aiding the New College community in working with quantitative matters. The QRC provides individual and small-group peer tutoring for students needing assistance with various quantitative methods (e.g. basic mathematics and statistics, SAS, SPSS, Excel, and other applications). The QRC is a solution-oriented organization. Through consultations, we seek to solve the particular quantitative problem posed to us.

The Writing Resource Center

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) is open to all New College students who are interested in developing skills and strategies to improve their writing. Trained student writing assistants (SWAs) listen and respond to the needs and concerns of student writers through focused, individualized conferences. Encouraging writers to direct the conference in ways that meet their particular needs and interests, SWAs provide helpful feedback and resources about all stages of the writing process. The WRC operates on the principle that, no matter their degree of skill, students can benefit from open and objective conversation about their writing.

The WRC has a commitment to serving student writers in all disciplines. The WRC has hired SWAs from specific disciplines, including economics, biology and chemistry as well as English and the humanities to assist students. Furthermore, those same SWAs have received training to support student writing across a variety of disciplines. Finally, in response to student demand, the WRC leads group workshops dealing with writing first college papers, graduate school application essays, and theses.

Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)

New College of Florida is committed to the ethical conduct of research and is in compliance with Section 7009 of the America Creating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology, Education and Science (America COMPETES) Act which requires that an institutional plan be in place to provide appropriate training in the responsible and ethical conduct of research.