Leave of Absence

Successful progress in the rigorous academic program at New College requires the full commitment of each student. When such a commitment is not possible, a student may apply for a leave of absence.

Applications for a leave of absence are to be submitted to the Applied Data Science Program Director and approved by the Program Director and the Registrar. Graduate students are allowed one leave of absence for a two-semester period. The Leave of Absence period is two semesters due to course sequencing. A student must declare the intention to take a leave by November 1 for the following spring and fall semester or April 1 for the following fall and spring semester using the Leave of Absence form available from the Registrar. The student’s faculty advisor must approve a declaration of intent to take a leave.

A student considering a leave of absence should be aware of the following:

  1. A student who does not return in the semester following a leave is regarded as having withdrawn from New College, and must apply to the Graduate Admissions Committee for readmission.
  2. A student who declares a leave of absence and then decides to remain enrolled should inform the Registrar and then register before the first day of the semester.
  3. While on leave, a student does not pay tuition and fees and is not entitled to use College facilities or services.
  4. A student who has been granted a leave of absence should reapply for financial aid on the same basis as continuing students. If a student plans to return in fall or spring of the next academic year, they should meet the following deadlines and submit appropriate forms in order to receive consideration for financial aid:
    1. Submit FAFSA to federal processor by November 1.
    2. Notify the Financial Aid Office of intent to return by November 1 for spring semester and by April 1 for fall semester.
    3. Submit documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office no later than April 1.
    4. A student who meets the November 1 or April 1 deadline to request a leave, submits all required documentation to the Financial Aid Office by the same deadline, and returns on time as planned, will be considered for full reinstatement of any financial aid for which the student would have been eligible.
  5. A student who misses the deadline to request leave may petition the Office of the Provost for an exemption.
  6. The Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that all financial aid will be restored to a student who takes a leave of absence that requires exemption from the November 1 or April 1 deadline for requests. These students should speak to a financial aid staff member for clarification of their situation.

Emergency Leave of Absence

An emergency leave of absence may be granted to a currently enrolled student in the event of an unanticipated emergency or crisis that significantly impairs the student's ability to function academically. Such crises may be medical or psychological, or may involve tragedies such as a death in the family. An appropriate professional (e.g., physician, licensed therapist) must certify that the severity of the situation prohibits continued academic involvement (in the case of medical or psychological issues). Students on academic probation are not eligible for emergency leave. Emergency leave is for a two-semester period only and may be granted only once during a student's tenure at New College.

Application Procedure for an Emergency Leave

A student considering an emergency leave of absence (ELOA) should follow the procedure listed below:

  1. The student contacts the Director of Counseling and Wellness in writing, in person, or by telephone to request an emergency leave.
  2. The Director of Counseling and Wellness, after consulting with the appropriate staff and counseling or medical professionals, determines if an emergency leave is warranted and falls within the ELOA deadline.
  3. The Director of Counseling and Wellness may set conditions for return to the College (continued therapy, hospitalization, etc.).
  4. A letter confirming the leave is sent to the student with copies to the Provost, the Registrar, the student’s faculty advisor, the Applied Data Science Program Director, the Dean of Studies, the Dean of Students, and the Director of Financial Aid.

Returning to New College after an Emergency Leave

To return to New College following an emergency leave of absence, a student should take the following steps and understand the following conditions:

  1. The student must contact the Director of Counseling and Wellness to request clearance for readmission. If the Director set conditions for return to the College, the student must provide the Director evidence that these conditions have been met, including documentation from a licensed professional that states that the student is capable of resuming academic activities.
  2. A student who does not return to New College in the term following the two-semester emergency leave is considered withdrawn from the College and must apply for readmission through the Graduate Student Admissions Committee (GSAC). The student must still receive clearance from the Director of Counseling and Wellness.

A student considering an emergency leave of absence should be aware of the following conditions:

  1. The deadline for granting emergency leave is the end of the twelfth week of the applicable term
  2. Emergency leave is for a two-semester period, including the semester in which it is requested, and may be granted only once during a student’s tenure at New College.
  3. A student on emergency leave is subject to the College’s refund policy for tuition. A student on emergency leave who received Federal Title IV funds may have to repay a portion of those funds. See Withdrawal and Financial Aid/Return of Title IV Funds in this New College of Florida Graduate Program Catalog.
  4. A student on emergency leave who received remaining undergraduate Bright Futures funds is required to repay those funds for that term, but may petition to waive that repayment. Contact Financial Aid staff at ncfinaid@ncf.edu.
  5. If a student had any academic deficiencies (unsatisfactory work) prior to taking emergency leave, those deficiencies are subject to academic review upon return.
  6. A student who is on emergency leave is not eligible for a leave of absence the semester immediately following the emergency leave.
  7. A student who takes emergency leave during the semester, and who receives or applies for financial aid, should contact financial aid staff to discuss whether it might be necessary to file a Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal for financial aid purposes in order to be eligible for future aid. For the Graduate Program Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Purposes, see the Financial Aid section of this Catalog.