Data Science Faculty

Bernhard Klingenberg, Ph.D., University of Florida; Professor of Statistics/Interim Director of Data Science
Interests: Categorical Data Analysis, Multiple Comparisons, Biostatistics, Longitudinal Data, Statistics Education, R, Interactive Web Apps

Patrick McDonald, Ph.D., MIT; Founding Director of Data Science, Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Probability and Stochastic Analysis, PDE, Optimization

Tiago Perez, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; Assistant Professor of Data Science, Middleware Architect & Analyst
Interests: High-performance Computing, Distributed Computing, IT Infrastructure and Engineering for Data Science

Jack Reilly, Ph.D., University of California, Davis; Associate Professor of Political Science
Interests: Social Networks, Agent-Based Modeling, Election Forecasting

Tania Roy, Ph.D., Clemson University; Associate Professor of Human Centered Computing
Interests: Human Centered Computing, Applied Machine Learning, Healthcare

Tyrone Ryba, Ph.D., Florida State University; Associate Professor of Bioinformatics
Interests: Visualization, EDA, Reproducible Research, Genomics

Andrey Skripnikov, Ph.D., University of Florida; Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics
Interests: High Dimensional Data, Econometric Time Series Analysis, Gene Expression Data, Brain Activity Measurement, Sports Data